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Our Ministries


  • Board of Deacons

  • Finance Committee

  • Vision Board

  • Economic Empowerment Board

  • Dreyfus C. Smith Media Ministry

  • D.C. Smith Security Team

  • Ministry of Education

  • King Kid’s Ministry – Youth Church

  • Frontline Praise & Worship Team

  • Voices of Wings Choir

  • Men of Valor Choir

  • D.C. Smith Usher Board

  • Teen Usher Board – 13 to 19 years old

  • Anointed Praise Dancers

  • Divine Purpose Mime Team

  • Chosen 4 Christ Dance Team

  • Angels Dance Team

  • Courtesy Guild

  • New Creation Ministry – New Members

  • Keepers of the Fire – Pastor’s Aide

  • Nursing Guild

  • Mother’s Board – Season Saints Ministry

  • M.O.V. Men of Valor Men’s Ministry

  • W.O.W. Women of Worth Women’s Ministry

  • WOF Prayer Band

*For more information please email us at info@wofatl.com

It is a privilege to give back to God what He has so graciously given to us.
That is why we commit to being good stewards of your generosity.

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